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4. 4. 2023

Loans of Sberbank CZʼs clients will be transferred to Česká spořitelna and financial funds from the sale used to settle creditorsʼ receivables

Prague, 5 April 2023: Česká spořitelna has completed the purchase of the loan portfolio of Sberbank CZ. The funds paid for the purchase of the portfolio will be used to satisfy the creditors of Sberbank CZ. The transfer of the loan portfolio, save for non-performing and otherwise problematic loans, was confirmed by registration in the Commercial Register on [5] April 2023. Česká spořitelna paid CZK 41.053 billion for the loan portfolio with the nominal value of CZK 47.1 billion, and the transfer of Sberbank CZʼs clients to Česká spořitelna will take place during April.

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24. 1. 2023

The exemption from US sanctions against Sberbank CZ was extended until January 31, 2024

Prague, January 25, 2023 The exemption from sanctions granted to Sberbank CZ by the American OFAC was extended yesterday until January 31, 2024. OFAC thus approved the insolvency trustee’s request based on actions taken in relation to the sale of Sberbank CZ's loan portfolio. The extension of the exemption is one of the main conditions for the successful settlement of the purchase agreement with Česká spořitelna, which was signed in December 2022.

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31. 8. 2022

Announcement regarding Declaration of Bankruptcy over Assets of Sberbank CZ, a.s. v likvidaci

Dear Sir or Madam,Please pay particular attention to the highlighted section below concerning the repayment of loans and registration of receivables in the insolvency proceedings of the debtor Sberbank CZ, a.s. v likvidaci.We would like to inform you of the bankruptcy of Sberbank CZ, a.s. v likvidaci, Identification No. 25083325, with its registered office at U Trezorky 921/2, Jinonice, 158 00 Prague 5, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert No. 4353 (“ Sberbank CZ”).On 30 April 2022, the banking license of Sberbank CZ was revoked based on the final and conclusive decision of the Czech National Bank Ref. No. 2022/38793/570. On the basis of Resolution of the Municipal Court in Prague Ref. No. 83Cm 810/2022-7, dated 2 May 2022, Sberbank CZ entered into liquidation on 2 May 2022 and JUDr. Jiřina Lužová was appointed its liquidator.After her appointment, the liquidator took steps to ascertain the current financial situation of Sberbank CZ and to liquidate it. Having thoroughly assessed the financial situation of Sberbank CZ, the liquidator concluded that Sberbank CZ was bankrupt in both forms of bankruptcy, i.e. insolvency as well as over-indebtedness pursuant to Secs. 3 (1) and (4) of Act No. 182/2006 Sb., on Bankruptcy and Methods of Its Resolution, as amended (“ Insolvency Act”). On 29 July 2022, the liquidator therefore filed for insolvency on behalf of the debtor with the Municipal Court in Prague. its Decision Ref. No. MSPH 95 INS 12575/2022 – A-72 of 26 August 2022, the Municipal Court in Praguedeclared Sberbank CZ bankrupt, declared bankruptcy over the assets of Sberbank CZ pursuant to Sec. 368 (3) of the Insolvency Act and appointed JUDr. Jiřina Lužová, an attorney-at-law, Czech Bar Association No. 07991, an insolvency trustee having the full powers pursuant to Sec. 27 (2) of the Insolvency Act.Please note that the bankruptcy of Sberbank CZ does not in any way influence the duty of Sberbank CZ ʼ s clients to repay their debts to Sberbank CZ. AGREEMENTS CONCLUDED WITH SBERBANK CZ CONTINUE TO BE VALID AND EFFECTIVE. THE BANKRUPTCY HAS NO INFLUENCE UPON THE DUE DATES OF DEBTS OF SBERBANK CZ ʼ S CLIENTS, WHICH REMAIN UNCHANGED AT THE MOMENT. As clients of Sberbank CZ have already been informed as part of the liquidation and in connection with the commencement of insolvency proceedings of Sberbank CZ, a special repayment account has been opened (with respect to each loan) at Sberbank CZ for the due repayment of regular monthly payments . You will find detailed instructions for loan repayment on the for Clients regarding Loan Repayment page. These instructions continue to apply. FOR PURPOSES OF LOAN REPAYMENT, PLEASE CONTINUE USING THE SPECIFIED SPECIAL REPAYMENT ACCOUNTS TO WHICH FUNDS MAY BE SENT .Creditors ʼ receivables from Sberbank CZ as recorded in the accounting of Sberbank CZ are considered to be automatically registered at the time when bankruptcy is declared over the assets of Sberbank CZ, so please DO NOT REGISTER these receivables .Recorded in the accounting of Sberbank CZ are all receivables known to Sberbank CZ, such as receivables for payment of the deposit in an account, unpaid invoices, pro-rata portions of loyalty bonuses, safe deposit box rental overcharge, refundable deposits for the issuance of keys to safe deposit boxes, bonuses upon due repayment of a “bonus loan,” etc. Therefore, do not register these receivables. The insolvency trustee will provide each creditor having their receivable recorded in the accounting of Sberbank CZ with a notification informing the creditor about the amount of their receivable from Sberbank CZ and that their receivable is considered to be registered in that particular amount. A creditor disagreeing with the amount or character of their receivable as indicated in the notification received from the insolvency trustee may then raise a written objection with the insolvency trustee within 4 months from the date on which bankruptcy was declared over the assets of Sberbank CZ; should the creditor not do so, they shall be deemed to agree with the data provided in the notification. If a creditor does not receive any notification whatsoever regarding their receivable from the insolvency trustee, they may raise an objection with the insolvency trustee within 3 months from the publication date of an extract from the decision on the declaration of bankruptcy in the Official Journal of the European Union; in their objection, the creditor will state that the insolvency trustee has not delivered any notification to the creditor regarding their receivable and specify the amount of their receivable from Sberbank CZ as of the date on which bankruptcy was declared over the assets of Sberbank CZ.Please note that any receivables in a foreign currency are required by law to be converted to the Czech currency using the foreign exchange rate announced by the Czech National Bank on the date when the insolvency proceedings were commenced. This also applies to receivables from accounts maintained with Sberbank CZ in a foreign currency. If a receivable became due before the above date, it will be converted using the exchange rate announced on its due date.Should you have any additional questions, please refer to the Asked Questions section.For the avoidance of doubt, no information provided in this announcement may be deemed to be a statement by the insolvency trustee pursuant to Sec. 253 of the Insolvency Act and the insolvency trustee reserves all rights relating to this provision.Yours faithfully,Sberbank CZ, a.s. v likvidaciJUDr. Jiřina Lužová, Insolvency Trustee

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